Coachscore (12 * € 39,-)




Coachscore is the independent customer review system for coaches, trainers and lightworkers.

Why Coachscore?

Coaches and lightworkers are usually pretty good in doing what they’re doing.

If it’s coaching, an (online) training or a healing-session; they know why they’re here. But going ‘out there’ and making these skills visible to the (online) public eye is next step.

That’s why I’m here. Both the digital marketing guidance part and Coachscore are a reflection of my essence. It’s about authenticity, transparency and visibility (and play!), fully in service of spreading your message online so you’re able to help more people better, if you wish.

Why reviews?

  • Your testimonials are nice, but aren’t the most transparant and authentic way as you cherry-picked them yourself;
  • 92% of customers read reviews before they make a purchase;
  • More transparency, authenticity and trust will eventually boost your online conversions.

Go to the Coachscore website to read more (it’s in Dutch, if needed use Google Translate).