Restart Blog: 2020

Hi there!

I decided to restart (actually, to finally start ;-)) my blog.

2020: what a year already!

What a year is this already! It’s so exciting seeing the old cabal systems getting crumbled and seeing the new shining through.

This is what the Mayans and so many others spoke about. Ignorantly translated by some as ‘the end of the world’ they were, in fact, not talking about some apocalypse or so. It’s all about the end of the worlds of the ‘asleep’, the controlled-mind-based-debt-slavery-(and so on (;-))-worlds. Some call it ego death.

And this is, as we’d see, going together with lots of chaos. Collective issues are facing the surface. Ideas of fear, separation and our ‘diversities’. Before the light can enter in we first HAVE to face the darkness. It means feeling our fears. No more hiding in the rush of daily life.

It might be getting more worse (on the surface), before we ALL wake up and see what’s truly been going on and, more importantly, what we as species are all about.

Because we are one! That’s what this new dimension is about; unity. Remembering that we never were separate in the first place. That there’s way more than our physical eyes can see. Think only of the capabilities that lie dormant in our bodies and consciousness (our technology), in no way IA can compete with that.

It are thrilling times.

I foresee an amazing future for this planet. A near future where wars, debt and sickness are a thing of the past. Hidden Tesla technology and thousands of patents will be disclosed. Free energy, a clean planet and an opening up to our galactic friends. We were never alone.

What’s your role in this?

My question to you is: what is your role in this play?

Are you super clear on this or not (yet)? Let me tell you mine. I’m here to get you on the digital train so YOU become visible. Not per se with an already existing structure, but with a simple ‘next step’, followed by (your) action! No more hiding.

Are you ready to show the world what you’re here for? I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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