The End of an Artificial World

We are witnessing the end of an artificial world.

What do I mean by that?

Everything ‘artificial’ is somehow a replacement of a ‘natural’ opponent. Artificial means ‘man made’. Created by a mind, and therefore an illusion. Not bad, not always unpleasant, just without any basis in reality.

Some examples of a natural occurrence vs. the artificial created opponent:

  • Sugar (natural) = sweetener (artificial)
  • Feeling ecstatic (natural) = MDMA/XTC (artificial)
  • Wisdom = (newtonian) science (artificial)
  • Truth/spirituality (natural) = (organized) religion (artificial)
  • Natural intelligence/consciousness = artificial intelligence
  • Sovereignty/freedom (natural)  = government (artificial control)
  • Our natural healing ability = synthetic medicine (artificial ‘healing’)

The artificial counterparts are replicates of what is natural, freely given.

When hearing the word ‘replicate’, one could think of a ‘fake’ version of a ‘real’ pair of Nikes.

When hearing of sugar, anyone would agree that sugar came before artificial sweeteners. Sugar is the natural thing.

With some others—science, religion and intelligence for example—things could get a bit more interesting. 😉


Just as sweeteners are not natural, (conventional) science has no basis in reality. Science is a replicate of our (natural) inner wisdom, born out of ignorance, pretending to understand ‘things’. Not good or bad, in many ways helpful, I’m just pointing to the fact that science has nothing to do with reality.

Natural ‘science’, on the other side, sometimes called wisdom or intuition, we all recognize (or at least to some degree).


Sometimes you just have a knowing or feeling about something. You just KNOW. How do you know? You don’t know. You just know that you know and you’re absolutely sure. This is our inner wisdom in action and no scientist in the world could ‘prove’ you otherwise. N=1.


For decades we’ve been thought that there’s an entity called ‘God’ outside of us. Organized religion (I’m talking ‘horizontal’, the ‘vertical’, deeper message is often identical) is an artificial, man made distraction of truth and has misinformed millions of people worldwide.

I’m not talking about the true message of Masters like the Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, I’m talking about the ignorant translations we’d read in some ‘holy’ books.

Not per se a bad thing, I’m just pointing to the fact that organized religion is artificial, not natural, a set up.

If what we want is TRUE freedom–and if you’re in a human form you want this or you aren’t aware of the fact that you want this–there could be more beneficial ways, I’d say.


Next up: intelligence.

The idea of planes, cars and computers being artificial and not ‘natural’, will make sense for most people.

But if these ways of transportation and communicating are artificial, a replacement, a replica, a pair of fake Nikes, what are the natural counterparts?

Can we transport ourselves from street to street? Yes, we’re able to walk.

And from Amsterdam to New York? We could swim.

And from Amsterdam to the stars?

Here it gets interesting.

The sugar example implies that the natural way, at least, has the same qualities (sweet taste) as the artificial counterpart. In our transport example this would imply that we, as ‘naturals’, SHOULD be able to travel from Amsterdam to the stars.

Natural doesn’t have to mean physical

When we are open to the idea that ‘natural’ doesn’t have to mean ‘physical’, new possibilities open up. The counterpart of flying to the stars could be something like astral traveling; traveling ‘within’ consciousness, without moving our bodies per se.

What has this to do with an artificial world ending?

I’m not saying that everything artificial is ending. As long as there are humans there will be artificial stuff.

What I am saying is that we as a species become conscious of the fact THAT we live(d) in an artificial world, a mind made illusionary matrix.

We’re about to discover the natural counterparts ourselves. Firsthand, by direct experience. Step by step, all in our unique way.

And that’s very exciting to me. In fact it’s the reason why I’m here.

Taking our power back

Before we, as a collective, truly see that we’ve been controlled by AI (artificial ideas), like governments or organized religion, we first have to take our power back and reclaim our sovereignty as a species.

I don’t mean that we have to protest, riot or burn cities down. None of that. Taking our power back means that we first have to become aware of the fact that we gave it away in the first place.

Becoming aware of our own conditioning, our own bullshit, beliefs, is the first step. Seeing is knowing. 

How do we see this?

Following our OWN inner guidance or intuition—no matter what; how scary the mind thinks it is—is the way.

Anything that is not you and is seen through, you will unlearn. Anything that is not you and is seen through, will drop. People, habits, stuff or places; everything that’s coming from an artificial basis will move out of your life.

Why would you want this?

The more falsities we drop, the more space opens up for our true self to shine through. Look at a baby, for example. Or a puppy. There’s nothing artificially put in it. It’s pure, unconditional love. It’s what you are.

Love, amongst joy and peace are becoming more and more naturally flowing through you. You’ll attract new, inspiring people into your life because of this new energy you are. It’s contagious, people love to be around you. You’ll learn that’s is natural to follow our own resonance, the inner voice that tells you A. Before the mind kicks in and tells you B, you already did A. Boom! Life will never be the same.

Where to start?

The end of your artificial world can ONLY start with you. I’m here just to write some words about the falseness of an artificial reality. I’m fully aware that I’ve been in it’s power for decades. I’m not judging it. Without it I couldn’t enjoy the other side this much, I assume.


One thing I’m pretty sure of is this: the time that ‘experts’, governments, priests or even celebrities have to tell us what to do, believe or wear, is coming to an end.

It’s not that it’s bad, again. It’s all done by us. They exist because we give them the attention, the energy to eat from. Just as a tree lives from your CO2, they live from your attention. No CO2, no life. No attention, no impact.

Your attention is their fuel. You watching the news means one vote for the news to exist longer. You reading the newspaper means one vote for the paper to exist longer. Etcetera. Again, don’t burn the country down. Just simply turn the other cheek and follow your intuition.

The first strep to true freedom is seeing artificial illusion you live in and acting accordingly. Your own inner wisdom or source connection is the way. Ready to book a One-way ticket? 😉

Nieck de Weerd

Realize it's all just play

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  1. Elise (Alaska/Canada/met you in Rishikesh overlooking the Ganga) op 13 oktober 2020 om 03:09

    Oops looks like I accidentally moved to another screen and lost what I had begun writing here before…

    I resonate deeply with what you’re saying and if only my mind wasn’t so conditioned to abandon my intuition! It would be so much easier to choose what I already know is right for me. As always it is great to hear your ideas and I’m so happy to see that you’re feeling inspired to share them with the world!

    • Nieck de Weerd op 29 oktober 2020 om 11:45

      Hey Elise, cool to connect again and thanks for actually clicking on the ‘link in bio’ and share this! You indeed know exactly what’s right for you! Are you still working with youngsters in nature? Much love, Nieck

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