To Wake Up you have to Die in the Flesh

Recently I had a dinner with a friend. Our talks usually go pretty ‘deep’ and find our intersection points in between the rational logical mind (he) and the more intuitive, ‘flowy’ mind (me). I’m generalizing, but this is how it is.

He’s extremely open to everything I share about consciousness and dimensions and stuff that could be happening behind the scenes and our source connection and ET’s and what have you. I’m grateful for that.

Last time he asked me how I felt about what’s going on right now with the situation around the virus. This time I kept it practical. 😉

My point was: we’re heading to an average death/flu season and what we’re doing couldn’t be further from scientific (I was pointing to the effect of masks and the distance). We let elders die in loneliness and censor everyone with a different opinion. Exaggerating, but you get my point.

When I earlier on arrived at his place, the first thing he told me that his girlfriend, who recently moved abroad to start her own business, had to postpone it for now because of the lockdown. She felt sad and it hit him too.

My friend is the most ‘scientific’ guy I know. What I mean by that: pretty much everything he does is ‘proven’ by so called experts in the field (in every field you could think of).

So, knowing this, I was curious about what HE thought about the whole thing being as unscientific as possible.

The answer was shortly: I don’t know, I didn’t do the research yet. But as always he was open to it to discover, so we looked into the source our Dutch government uses (RIVM) to come up with the measurements.

We both agreed upon the fact that we’re on the road to an average death season and that there’s no evidence that the measurements, masks & distance everywhere, are working.

My friend has some experts who he’d like to check. Despite the fact that there’s a whole set of measurements based on thin air, his mind tended to follow his expert: the external source that had made his own conclusions and put them on his website.

The expert made his OWN conclusions from the data. Own. Conclusions. Own. You. Expert.

This is kinda where we left the virus and had a few more glasses of whisky (I truly start liking the stuff, hehe).

The next day he texted me, thanked me for the inspiration to dive deeper into it and told me that he was even more convinced that the measurements are working and that he, according to his new findings, accordingly will inform his team.

Wow. My mind was blown. It fascinated me.

Even though there’s truly nothing scientific about what we’re doing, questioning a government seems to be a ‘no go’ area.

The mind, even though rooted in science, simply DOESN’T want to go there.

Why not?

  • Questioning the government NOW could mean questioning government’s past actions as well.
  • This could mean questioning their experts, politicians, majors, medicine, laws and all of that.
  • Questioning experts and medicine for example means questioning science.
  • Questioning science means questioning… the thing he always have believed in. The foundation he build his life upon.
  • Questioning the thing he always have believed in means questioning his whole fucking paradigm. The BOX.

Having the courage to question your own paradigm is like dying. It’s where the illusory ego starts to vanish. It’s what it’s most afraid of to do, of course. It’s literally what our fear of dead means. It’s this!

Waking up is not something you could give any label. It’s not spiritual or religious or biblical or mystical. You also don’t have to meditate for it… or live with ‘compassion’ or become vegan. It has nothing to do with living in the ‘now’, be ‘present’ or mindfulness. 

These could all be great things and/or results after the first step, but if the first step hasn’t been taken these are all ego preservation strategies. They build ego. Just as doing the yoga asanas (poses) without applying the other 7 limbs of Patanjali’s yoga sutra’s. You build strength, flexibility and a shitload of ego. ;p

Waking up is having the courage to question EVERYTHING you have believed so far. It’s about unpeeling the onion of conditioning by misinformation. It’s about radically UNBELIEVING. Only then you go back to your core. To the truth of who you are.

It’s where the dream ends and life begins. You can’t imagine it if you haven’t tried it. Just as you don’t know what’s on channel 4 when you’ve been watching channel 3 your WHOLE life. You either didn’t know there even was a channel 4 or you did, but you knew channel 3 SO well, you’re comfortable with it, why would you go to channel 4? Even though I know channel 4 is super excited, fresh and new, I know what’s on channel 3. I can count on 3, it’s warm, cozy and comfortable. Why risking this!?

This is where faith comes in. Not in any ‘god’ or other external expert, but faith in YOU.

To wake up you have to die in the flesh. And that’s something the ego will prevent till the END. It will look in every other way to NOT admit that it’s based on belief, dogma and misinformation. Do you have the courage?

Taking the first step
In below’s fragment from the book ‘Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damndenest Thing’ Jed McKenna explains a proces called Spiritual Autolysis. What you basically do is you write just as long as you wrote something that’s absolutely true. You stop when you wrote Truth. Good luck.

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